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Good day,

I have struggled with he following for years, and the probem really pevents me from using Outlook for task scheduling. I have run several searches, but no-one seems to have the answer. My question is: how can I set end times on tasks (deadlines)? Just knowing the day a task is due, does not help much. For me, it is of the absolute essence to know exactly at what time a task is due, e.g. at 09:00, at 13:00 or at 18:00 or whatever. Because each task requires a diffferent amount of effort to complete, the due date could be up to a month into the future.

Would anyone have any idea, please? With the right instructions, I would not mind editing the IPM.Task file. But my programming skills do not really go beyond BASIC of the 1990s.

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Diane Poremsky

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tasks doesn't really have an end time - well, they do, but its the end of the business day its due. Reminders can be used to pop up at a specific time, but that is as close as you'll get to an end time. You could use it like calendar reminders - 15 min before you need to do it, so if you need to a do a task by 3 pm Wed, set the reminder for 2:45 or earlier, if you need more time to complete it.

Tasks are basically open-ended things that need done, while appointments are for things that need done at a specific time. You can use appointments for tasks or in conjunction with tasks (create a task and add it to an appointment to set aside time to work on it) - if you share your calendar, the appointment task should be set to free, unless you want to block off time to finish it.