Message body missing but attachments present

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 64 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
Exchange 2010, GFi Mail Essentials, ESET Mail Server protection.

We have an account set up for all incoming invoices to our business, let's say

That account is then delegated to the Accounts staff (all running Win7 Pro and a mixture of Outlook 2010 and 2013) Each Delegate (5 in total) has full Editor rights and send on behalf rights for the account.

Some incoming email messages (sent from both outside and inside the business) are arriving with the email message stripped out leaving only any attachments that may be present. This is not consistent, some email arrive OK, others don't. It happens with email that do and DON'T have attachments.

I set up a Transport rule on Exchange to copy incoming messages for the accountspayable to another internal address, this works fine, with no loss of data whilst the original email will land in the accountspayable inbox with the body stripped out.

To find possible remedies, I have deleted the Delegates and then reset them up. I have deleted the entire accountspayable mailbox, purged it from Exchange and then reset it up - same thing happens.

I have read articles where ESET has been apportioned the blame, but I have 20 other users all with Eset installed, and delegates assigned with no problems.

Any ideas or thoughts would be great
Not open for further replies.