Forwarding an expiring message


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Outlook 2010 32 bit
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Exchange Server

Outlook 2010, Exchange 2007.

User A sends an e-mail on 1/11/13 with an expiry date of 15/11/13 to user B.

User B immediately forwards this message with an attachment to user C on the same day.

User C was on leave until 18/11/13 and did not see this message when he came back, apparently the message was not in his inbox anymore.

Is it possible that the reply kept the expiration timer, was deleted by the server, and therefore that user C did not see it ?

I checked in the recover deleted items, but if it was deleted by the server on the 15/11/13 then I do not see it anymore (we only keep purged deleted items for 2 weeks).

So... any idea what really happened ? Did effectively the forwarded message keep the expiration timer from the original message ?

Thanks !