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I have a simple, hopefully, question. I am starting with a fresh PST file. When I import my rules for messages, do I have to create all the folders, or will Outlook make them for me?

Last, is there a way to close the Outlook windows, but have the icon still in the taskbar, so when I want an Outlook window open, I just click on open. I know there is a way, but I've forgotten how to do it. I just reinstalled Windows 7, I do this once a year, and now I'm setting up MS Office 2013.

Thank You. :)
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Hi friend,

1.)Microsoft provides both options for you, either you can import these rules to existing folder or you can also create a new folder for rules.

2.)And if window taskbar show you the existing icon of MS-Outlook even after closing of Outlook window then you can delete the shortcut via right click on it.


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You need to create the folders if they don't exist. Outlook won't create the folders and the rule may or may not fail. Also, when you import rules, you usually need to edit each rule and select the folder even if the folder exists.

You want to pin Outlook to the taskbar - right click on the desktop or start menu icon and choose Pin to Taskbar.

Is there a reason you are making a new pst? I know some people (starting with woody Leonard) are big on making a new pst every year, but you lose custom views, rules, and other hidden data and there is little gained. (I also don't recommend using scanpst just for the sake of it - it's not a pre-emptive solution and will always find something wrong.)

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