Trapping AttachmentAdd in VBA does not handle multiple email instances

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Starting with example code shown at, I am able to create a warning when attempting to add an attachment greater than a certain size. And this works great. However, when I have multiple emails open, it only works with the most recently opened email and does not work for any other open email. From what I understand, the problem is with the way I "Set newItem". After researching this problem, it looks like I need a way to handle multiple open inspectors.

What is the simplest way to accomplish this? I've found references to an "inspector wrapper" as well as links to examples. But going through the examples, and I'm a beginner with programming, these appear to be overkill for what I'm trying to do since I do not need to do anything with commandbarbuttons or contact items.

Please advise and point me in the right direction. Thanks.


Public WithEvents goInspectors As outlook.Inspectors 
Public WithEvents newItem As outlook.MailItem 
Private Sub Initialize_Handlers()
   Set goInspectors = outlook.Application.Inspectors 
End Sub 
Private Sub Application_Startup()
End Sub 
Private Sub goInspectors_NewInspector(ByVal Inspector As Inspector)
   If Inspector.CurrentItem.Class = olMail Then
       Set newItem = Inspector.CurrentItem
   End If 
End Sub 
Private Sub newItem_AttachmentAdd(ByVal newAttachment As Attachment)
   If newAttachment.Type = olByValue Then
       If newItem.Size > 500 Then '500 bytes used for testing purposes only
           MsgBox "Warning: Item size is now " & newItem.Size & " bytes."
       End If
   End If 
End Sub
Links to Inspector Wrappers


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