Setup many personal calendars on outlook 2013 on new laptop- starting over

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Outlook 2013 64 bit
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I use Outlook 2013 for my personal use. Migrating from Outlook 2007.

I'll explain my accounts and then I'm hoping someone (Diane :) )can help me setup Outlook in the correct way. I have installed it and my accounts in the past 2 weeks, but don't mind starting over, as the calendar area is all messed up and I'd like it to be correct, for the next several years. I still have the old .pst (=I could use the old PST file to start over) on the old laptop, (which I used to setup outlook 2013) but any pop mail from the last few weeks was downloaded to the new laptop. So, I think if I delete those pop accounts, I would lose that email. Nevertheless, if I must, I can forward the few important pop emails to myself and start over.

I downloaded the MSI install of outlook 2013, and I think that allows me to use Google calendar sync.

I think I'm further messed up because I NEED my calendar to sync to my Ipad & iphone- which is why I started using gmail calendar.

gmail1 (IMAP) --- has calendar- default account for sending mail, and first account added to outlook

gmail 2 (IMAP)-- has calendar, email

yahoo 1 (IMAP) - email only

yahoo 2 (IMAP) - email only

POP1 -- has calendar, email

POP2- email only

POP3- email only

But somehow, I think I have more than 3 calendars.

So can you help me get all of data into one file, and preferably under the gmail1 calendar- I only need 1 calendar- it would be great!

I have a mish-mash of things cobbled together to try to make it work. If you have a more elegant and effective solution, I'd like to hear it. Also, prefer not to buy anything more right now.

Thank you!
Not open for further replies.