Missing appointments on calendar even though transferred from old pst

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Katrina Fox

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Outlook 2013 64 bit
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Hi there

I've been poring through the forums and internet trying to find some answers so I hope you can help:

I've just installed Outlook 2013 on my new Windows 8 laptop 64-bit. I transferred my old PST file from my old computer which has Outlook 2010 on it.

It's transferred my messages nicely including all my sub-folders (pst file size was 10GB). It's also transferred my Contacts (even though they're still indexing at 87,000 files). However either my calendar has not transferred or my appointments have not transferred over.

There are 2 calendars showing when I click 'Calendar' with Outlook open. Neither of them have my appointments in them.

I haven't even tried syncing with itunes or my iphone yet (I've read some horror stories and am nervous about it and seriously considering uninstalling 2013 and just putting 2010 on the new computer). My account is a POP3 (but I had the issue of 1800 emails downloading from the inbox on my mail server online at 'horde' - that's never happened before but I will delete them from the mail server).

Can you advise me please on why my appointments are not showing, even though the data file is set to the old pst file that I transferred? Then I can look at maybe trying a sync.

Thank you in advance :)

Not open for further replies.