Organising Spam

Richard Flack

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Wondering if which is the better way to organise spam

- set up rules to run continually on incoming messages

- use the Junk facility; and periodically run rules against the Junk folder to keep the good stuff and delete the rest.

(Spam comes in different flavours from yummy to toxic so I have several Bulk Mail folders for the stuff I want to keep, at least for a while).

Diane Poremsky

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The best way is what works for you. I use a combination of the junk mail filter offered by my email host and the junk email options. I rarely , if ever, look in the junk folder because it's been really accurate for me. AutoArchive clears it out as the spam ages.

If your host doesn't have good spam scanning them you might have more in the junk folder and will need to run rules on it. If bulk mail is getting marked as spam and you want it in another folder, add the address or domain to the safe senders list.