Use same BCM data in 2 offices


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I have 1 office in Germany and 1 in Italy
In Germany my BCM works with 2 PCs ok. Now I want to use the same data also in Italy
How is this possible? I tried to backup in Germany and restore in Italy but I could not restore becaude I am not the owner of the database. In Germany there is another user the owner of the DB.
Is it possible to sync the data?

Then: Here in Italy I also want to use a laptop with the same data. Can I sync this also?
and also a Nokia Lumia 1520 (at least the contacts)

BTW: It has not to be a real sync. I only want to use the same initial data. it has not to sync all calender and every day - only once. to have the same database
if dayly sync is possible - it's better but not neccessary


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you are great!
can you tell me also how to sync outlook with BCM?
I tried it once with the BCM function "synchronizie with outlook" but then I had all the contacts twice
In the BCM is also written "(i) the companycontacts will not be syncronized with the outlook contacts"

but I need all the contacts in outlook to sync the with my Nokia phone, don't I?
or is it possible to sync the Nokia phone with BCM?

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
Email Account
Office 365 Exchange
That would be the way to do it. I dont know why you got the duplicates. If you need the company contacts, you need to copy them to the contacts folder . you can select all, copy then paste.

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