Trouble Installing BCM Outlook 2013; Endless Install Loop Happens

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Outlook 2013 64 bit
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I have I upgraded to the latest software and hardware, meaning I am now on Windows 8.1 with Outlook 2013 on a fast computer. I want to start to use BCM and have not used it in the past. My understanding is that I need to install the full version of BCM as described above. The link above lets me download the following executable: BCM2010-BCMSetup-x64-en-US.exe. However when I attempt to install I get stuck in an endless loop in which I run the installation executable and get to the end where it then tells me it needs to reboot to complete the install. I do that and it brings up the installation wizard again which says: "Welcome to Business Contact Manager for Outlook
Please choose your preferred type of installation below: Install Now or Customize"! I have followed this loop through a couple of times now and it never seems to get installed. What am I missing? Do I have the wrong executable for a full install (and not an upgrade)?
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