Copy email content and paste into new Word Document using a different font

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I need a VBA script in Outlook, that when clicked will copy the content of the email and paste into a new Word document using a different font say Calibri and colour black. If there are links they should remain as links, with the usual blue colour. I only need the font of message to be changed. This should be available for an opened e-mail as in when I have opened the e-mail and my cusor is in it, as well as for unread e-mails when selected as in straight from the Inbox.
Is this possible?
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It's possible but i don't have any code samples handy, that I can think of. Actually, this is a start - - it shows how to send outlook data to word. Instead of using the bookmark block, you'd use something like
.Selection.TypeText Text:=oMail.Body

To change the font, record a macro in Word to see how word does it, then copy the code to the macro (it will need tweaked).

It will probably be something like this, but I'm not sure how to apply it to everything except links - unless you can apply styles.

With Selection 
' Formatting code goes here 
   .Font.Color = wdColorBlack 
   .Font.Size = 18 
   .Font.Bold = True 
   .Font.Italic = True 
   .Font.Name = "Calibri" 
End With