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Hi fellow Outlook users. I receive a very strange error message when I try to copy text from Outlook to other programs, and sometimes even within Outlook. The error is...

"HTML Format not compatable with this paste method"

I put it in quotes since this is exactly what appears. That error message is actually pasted into the program that I am trying to paste into instead of the content in my clipboard.

Check out the way compatible is spelled... incorrectly... compatAble

When I Google that error message (with our without spelling error) I get ZERO hits about others having this problem. The only hits on Google are from some car forums where that exact error message appears, as if the poster on that forum was copying and pasting, did not notice their paste included that error message and then completed the post to the forum.

This error seems related to Office 2007 since I sometimes get the same error when I try to copy from a Word doc.

My plan is to push my IT team to get me upgraded to Office 2010 which I hope will solve the problem, however my nerd side would like to figure this out. This problem occurs on a work PC with Windows 7 and Office 2007. I have 2 PCs at home running XP and Office 2003 and have never seen this error and another running Win 8.1 with Office 2013, again not getting this error in those environments.

Thanks for any insight,

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