OL2007 on Exchange: opening OL on different computers


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We use Outlook 2007 on Exchange (don't know the server version). I access my email using different computers, all tied into the same server and network, but located in different offices. I went through the set up and established a profile on each computer against my email address. My mail (except for personal folders, of course), calendars, and reminders are all good.

My question is this: Is each instance strictly local to that computer? If I delete a Reminder pop-up on one computer, is it deleted on all the others, too? If I delete emails from the Inbox on one computer, are they gone (or supposed to be) on all computers?

Just not sure how OL and Exchange handle this - any additional knowledge is greatly appreciated.


Diane Poremsky

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When you use exchange mailboxes, anything you change on one computer will update the other computers where you open the mailbox in outlook. Views, mark read, move, copy, deletions - these all sync to the server and down to the other outlook's. Dismissed reminders will sync too, but they may fire on all computers before the dismissal is updated.