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Hi all:

I have created a custom form in Outlook 2010 using the same principles as detailed in this post on MS:

Basically the form has a Item_PropertyChanged event to create a template email message when the status changes to Completed.

For some reason when I create the task from the published form, before I save the new task the code works, but when I save the task and then change the status, nothing happens.

Any thoughts on this?

Here is the function:

Sub Item_PropertyChange(ByVal Name)

Select Case Name
Case "Status"
if Item.Status = 2 then '2 = Completed
Set NewItem = Application.CreateItem(0)
NewItem.To = "Martin.Garth"
NewItem.Subject = "XXXXX"
NewItem.Body = "YYYYYY"
End IF
End Select
End Sub

Diane Poremsky

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As an FYI, it's working here. I have just the code above in the custom task and its published in the default location for publishing - the outlook task folder.
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