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Pasting VBA code (and other editing)

Diane Poremsky

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Although it's not required to wrap VBA code samples in the code tags, it can make the code sample easier to read and (should) prevent the forum software from munging the code.

You can either type the code tags:

Or use the Insert button to automatically insert the code brackets for you (it opens a window for you to paste the code into). If the Gear icon at the end is gold, you are in BB code editor and need to type the code tags shown above. (Or click the gear icon to switch to this editor and use the menu.)
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Thank you. I am sorry, I didn't know. Can I edit the submission to put in the tags or do I let it stand?



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how to make to popup message box with the subject "Is all the members in the mail list known to you" , before sending the mail?


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