Excel Import Option: Need Help Updating Existing Records


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Outlook 2010 64 bit
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I’m working to clean up my 2010 BCM database and update e-mail opt outs from my Constant Contact account, etc., which is very time-consuming going contact-by-contact.

That being said, I have a long list of opt outs from my Constant Contact account. I would like to go in and update each contact by importing that Excel list into the BCM, and “updating” the existing contacts, and changing their marketing “status” to OPT OUT (a custom field).

From the tutorials I’ve seen and the demonstrations I’ve watched, I think my BCM 2010 is missing the option to “update”. Attached is a screenshot of the import options I'm given.

Even the “help” section of Outlook (http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/import-your-data-into-business-contact-manager-HA010379389.aspx#_Toc251157634 ) shows a screenshot with the “update” option. (in attached file).

Can you help? I don’t want to waste my time updating each record if there’s a way to do a bulk edit by importing the list.