how to keep "To" when move sent emails to other folder


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I move the sent emails to other folder, but it changed from "To" to "From". I tried to select "arranged by "To", but it keeps staying as "From". The reason I would like to have "To", so I can see the person name that I sent my email to. If staying as "From", which all defaults to my name. Please see attached file.

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Diane Poremsky

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Create a copy of the Sent folder's view and apply it to the folder. Select the sent folder, go to view tab, change views and choose the copy option. Then apply that view to your folder.

arrange by To groups the messages by the person they were sent to, it doesn't actually change the fields in the display. You'd need to click View settings, Fields, and remove the From field then add the To field. But copying the sent view is easier. :)