Customizing Connected Services in Office 2013 Pro Plus (O365)

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Sai Prasad

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I need some quick thoughts on where to start on customizing Office 2013 Pro Plus from o365 licensing.

What I need is to remove the "OneDrive" option under Storage for security reasons. This option would allow to add a personal ('consumer') OneDrive storage and allows the ability to store directly from Office applications.

This is under File ->Office Account -> Connected Services -> Add a Service -> Storage -> OneDrive

My understanding is "OneDrive for Business" Storage automatically maps when the user authenticates using their O365 credentials during the Pro Plus activation (as long as they have SP Online license for their OneDrive for business storage) We just need this storage to be used and no additional OneDrive (personal) to be added. Even if this is not the case, I would still like to remove the OneDrive option. If someone can point me on some directions, it would be a great help.

Sai Prasad
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