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Robert Jory

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Dear Microsoft, This feature is getting worse with each new version. Many versions ago, I had a Search box on my tool bar. When I typed the name of a contact I wanted to find, it listed all contacts that matched that part of the name and ONLY contacts. I would choose the one I wanted and be taken directly to that contact, GREAT! Now when I enter a person's name in the Search People box on my tool bar, I get results that are not contacts and also multiple instances of the same person. For example if I start to type "Dave Emmo", Dave Emmons appears in my windows. When I click on this name another window appears. This window contains 2 items under view source which have 2 identical locations and no other indication of what they are. If I click on the first location it displays the contact for Dave. If I click on the second location, it displays the contract for Rene, his wife. Dave’s email address is also in his wife’s contact and his name is also in the notes section which I guess is why Outlook displays it as well. I would like a “Search People” than only returns Contacts ONLY that match the people’s name stored in the “Full Name” or “Company Field”

In addition to that problem, sometimes I get NO results when I do a search on people that actually exist. I know they are there so I have to click on the People Icon to go over to the contacts section and then enter the name in the search box there, which indeed brings up that record as well as a bunch of other stuff I don’t want.

I would be interested in any clues on solving the problem of not finding people that actually exist.

There is an excellent post on this issue at
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