People View Changes during search

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Robert Jory

Outlook version
Outlook 2013 64 bit
Email Account
I have to use People View to do a lot of searching now because the "Search People" box does not work the same as in previous version but that is a side issue.

On my laptop (Outlook 2013) when I click on People View, a spreadsheet type view appears where I have customized the columns. If I type something in the Search box, items appear that match what I have typed and what I typed is highlighted in yellow for all the contacts in the spreadsheet view which is great. On my new PC, also Outlook 2013, when I start to enter something in the search box, the spreadsheet view disappears and contact icons appear followed by an email address. How do I get the spreadsheet view back instead of this view?


On the Home ribbon in Contact is a section calendar Current View. Click on the List icon. That should be the same view you are using on the other computer.
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