Outlook 2003 cannot import .vcs subject


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My outlook 2003, upon receiving a .vcs file, comes out something like this...

All is fine, except the subject line which looks like this:

=54=61=6B=65 =63=61=6C=6C=61 =74=6F =73=63=68=6F=6F=6C

And it varies depending on what the subject is.

How will i solve this problem as I need to send calendar entries to and from my android and pc.

Diane Poremsky

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That looks like HEX - subject encoding. If so, something is corrupting the calendar files and outlook can't decide it. How often do you get these files? If you get them frequently enough, you could run outlook in safe mode and see if it happens. This would tell us if an addin (such as a virus scanner) did it.