Cannot get pop3 mails to my Android and Outlook


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I use Outlook 2010 to manage all my e-mails, contacts, calendar, tasks and reminders. I have 2 mail addresses (POP3) and when a new e-mail arrives on the server, I get the mails delivered to Outlook AND to my Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android). This is perfect for me as I run a small business and if I am away from my computer, I need to know if I have incoming mails.

I have just created 2 new e-mail addresses (POP3) and have configured both Outlook and Android accordingly. I am trying to replicate the above (Yahoo) behaviour. My problem is that Gmail will only deliver the new mail to ONE client and not BOTH. If I receive the mail into Outlook, I get no notification on the phone. If Outlook is closed, then I get the new mail on my Android phone and when I subsequently switch on Outlook I DO NOT get the new mail.

The settings in Google are correct as far as I can see and I have set the POP3 to "keep Gmail's copy in the inbox"

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Is the mail being deleted from the server? There is a setting in gmail that covers how gmail handles pop3. What is your when messages are downloaded via pop3,' setting? Use keep in inbox.

also, is there a reason you are using POP3 instead of IMAP? IMAP is the recommended method for use on multiple computers.