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I have a requirement where I need outlook to alert me if I have not received a particular email at a particular time on a day(every business day)

A very basic example would be that I expect to receive an email from an address/person ( everyday at or before 1PM with subject line say "Lunch".

  1. If I received the email from by 1PM, DO NOTHING.
  2. If I do not receive an email from for whatever reasons, by 1PM, is there a way outlook can
    1. Send me an email with subject "No email received from ABC for Lunch" ?
    2. Generate a pop up/alert which will have "No email received from ABC for Lunch" in the alert.
    3. Any other form of notification which will bring this matter to my attention.

Let me know if you have any questions/queries.
Any inputs greatly appreciated.



Michael Bauer

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Outlook 2010 32 bit
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You can use the reminder of a task item as a trigger. This example demos how to use that technique. When the reminder event fires, you need to search for the email. See the Find function in the VBA help file.