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Have custom task form that when assigned back and is accepted getting microsoft office - cannot complete operation. One or more parameters values are not valid error. Tried clearing cache and auto fill cache to no avail. This task was just revised adding additional code but not in the section of task where it gets reassigned. Both versions are published in organizational forms, could this be causing this error? I tried the older version and it has the same error now but it's sporadic. Also what's odd is that when assigned back receiving multiple request. Any help would be appreciated.

Diane Poremsky

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I don't think having two versions published is the problem - if they have the same name, the new one overwrote the old one. If you use version numbers on the forms, the new one will replace the old one on all items that use it.

I'm guessing that either the to or from fields have an entry and its messing outlook up. What version of Exchange are you using?