client addin deletes all business contacts


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This issue is the heaviest i recognized since we started to use the BCM:

Everytime my collegue starts outlook and the BCM Addin, nearly all business contacts are deleted (except 4). Accounts are not deleted.

I deactivated the Addin on the client cause I'm not able to find a solution or the causing problem.

Anyone any idea? The only thing I tried is to reconnect to a "new" database in the backstage area. Same Problem. Maybe a problem with the offline sync...

edit: I deactivated offline synchonisation completely on the client and reconnected to the remote database. After about 10 minutes again all business conacts are gone ... :-(

thx for any hints

Diane Poremsky

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It sounds like the colleague's account thinks they should be deleted, so it deleted them when it connects to the master data base.

Did he enable sync from BCM to his contacts then delete the contacts instead of disabling sync? That is the only thing I can think of that would cause this behavior. Or his computer thinks it's the master and is removing everything because its not in its database.