CommandButton1 does not respond

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Kim Gilbert

Outlook version
Outlook 2013 64 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
I have added a Command Button within a task form , design mode, using Outlook 2013. I want to be able to click the button and write code purposed to evaluate completion dates of tasks and identify if they are past due. If past due, I want to export notes related to those tasks from the current tab into the main Task tab, and then clear the original notes contents once exported. I understand from earlier postings that I need to click View Code and then enter my code that way (as opposed to double-clicking on the Command button when using Excel). However, when I view code, I get a script editor that doesn't seem to relate to the button, or anything. Can someone please tell me how I can make this work.

Also, I am very new to VBA, and especially as it relates to Outlook. So regarding writing this code, I need help and wonder if there is a publication that teaches VBA and VBScript for Outlook that doesn't assume a VBA foundation? It seems like there is an enormous amount of information for Excel and very, very little for Outlook. Would appreciate suggestions.
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