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When Microsoft decided they no longer were going to support custom domain administration in, we decided to move to Office 365 small business. The way it was billed, this sounded like it was a full exchange server using exchange protocols. I thought this was great since we were repeatedly having the issue where the OST in Outlook 2013 would be out of sync with the inbox in using the EAS protocol. ( inbox would have emails that would never show up in Outlook) While Microsoft did have a patch for this and we are using the latest Outlook 2013 version with current patches, we still had the same issue. There are still threads throughout the internet with others still experiencing it at as well.

So..... we moved to Office 365 small business and the configuration states Exchange and not EAS, but we already have had the same mail synchronization issues we had with Since the web interface is actually, I have a feeling that we are using EAS even though it states Exchange in the configuration.

Fine, I thought to myself, if Microsoft's only resolution is to rebuild the OST or re-create the profile every time this happens (which is too often), let's just use Online Mode since we have a broadband connection that is always on. So I disabled OSTs in the registry, deleted the profile, and re-created it and verified OSTs are not being used. Well, now at least once a day, if not more, I get error messages that it lost connection to the server and have to restart Outlook 2013 to resolve the issue.

Any suggestions?

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Office365 Small business is full exchange. The domain you use for OWA (web access) is - if you are still accessing it via, that is the old domain - if you used the trial, they are delivering to both locations.

You definitely shouldn't be having problems syncing with the exchange account. Is there anything special about the messages that aren't syncing?
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