Outlook 2010 MS Exchange Calendar to Android- ical or webdav?


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I have been experiencing a lot of issues attempting to either import my Outlook Exchange calendar to Google, or to publish my Outlook calendar to WebDav servers. I think my problem is two-fold:
1. That I don't have permissions on my Web Outlook at work to share the calendar with IMAP or POP
2. that I don't truly have a webdav server, only Android applications like Box, Evernote, and iCal import. So I attempted to import an ical file to my google account, but it only imported one appointment, not 157! I could not figure out a way for my particular version of Outlook to save a copy of the calendar as anything BUT ical. I apologize for my lack of knowlege in this matter; I am much more versed in smartphone technology than in Outlook.
Also -- would it help if I created/used an Outlook.com account in my Outlook application on my desktop?

I am confused why my calendar and email will work with Outlook and Touchdown, but somehow unable to import/export otherwise. Thanks for your anticipated help!

Diane Poremsky

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