Outlook 2010: can't forward appointment on custom form

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Hi -

Total newbie here so hoping someone can advise.

I've created a custom form for our calendar appointments. The custom form basically uses the standard fields like Subject, Location, Start, End and Content and adds extra ones that I created e.g. Invoice

I created the custom form on the P.2 tab, then hid the first default page ('Appointment'). I saved the form and it now appears in the Calendar folder.

Everything seems to work fine when I set my custom form to be the default form to use when I create a new calendar appointment. However, if I try to Invite someone or Forward the appointment to someone, I don't get the same action taking place as with the default appointment form:

if I click Forward it brings up a new Meeting form but there is no field to enter an email address to forward it to. The email field just doesn't appear so I can't forward it?

if I click Invite the same thing happens. No email field to invite anyone.

I haven't changed anything on the (Actions) tab.

I realise I've probably done / not done something obvious to the experts, but this is my first custom form so not sure what to do!

Any help would be fantastic!
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