Connecting to Exchange changes calendar functionality

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Dave M

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I have a user that is using Outlook 2013. They already have two G-mail accounts set-up. I went to connect their Outlook to an Exchange 2010 account and when doing so there was a pop-up that said something about connecting to Exchange has changed how Outlook handles mail and calendar. It significantly changed their functionality of their calendar and some of their items ended up missing. I had connected a number of Outlook 2010 accounts and never experienced this.

The account was removed and some of the functionality came back, but not all.

Does anyone know where I can find more information on this topic? Is there a way to connect without it making these changes?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Dave M.

Diane Poremsky

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When you add Exchange to a profile, it needs to be the default data file - this means the calendar and contacts in Exchange will be default, showing up in the to-do bar and outlook today. New items will default to it's calendar and contacts, which in the case of IMAP and Outlook 2013, isn't necessarily a bad thing - keeping calendar and contacts in the imap data file risks loss unless you back them up.

Nothing should be missing - it doesn't suck the items from the folders like iCloud does, it just changes the default. If you move the appointments and contacts to Exchange folders, it should work like it did before.

There is no way to add the account and not have it set as default.
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