How to increase Font size in Outlook 2013

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If anyone can help me with this I will be most grateful.
Im using Outlook 2013 (64bit)
When I go to Task list and click on "CLICK HERE TO ADD A NEW TASK" (its at top of list of Tasks)
It then opens a new Task and the first thing you need to enter is SUBJECT eg "Call the office"
PROBLEM: The font that is shown in the Subject area eg if I type in CALL THE OFFICE .....the font is so small
that you can barely see it.
I have looked in Outlook help and also online but cannot find the answer.
I have tried various Options within Outlook for 2-3 hours but nothing seems to work.
QUESTION: Can I increase the size of this font in the Subject area ?
Your help would be really appreciated as I have come to a dead end in my search.

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Unfortunately, no, you can't change the font size in the "header" fields in any of the Outlook items, other than by changing your screen resolution or display settings, which affect all programs.

You can control the size of the fonts in the list area - this is done using Conditional Formatting and with the Row font in Other Settings. If you are only using the basic fields (you can add more to the view) you can click once and type in that row directly instead of opening a new form.
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