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I have been trying to find a solution to this and believe it it out there but cannot seem to locate the answer. I have both a POP account and IMAP account (Google) in my Outlook. IMAP is my business use and POP is my personal use. Each has its own calendar. I am using gsync to synchronize my IMAP calendar, tasks and contacts.

I am experiencing the following problems:

1) When I receive an appointment request in outlook for outlook (sent to my work email), it is creating an entry BOTH in my IMAP calendar and my personal POP calendar. I just want it to go to the calendar of my IMAP account.

2) When I create an appointment in my IMAP/work calendar, and invite people, I get a message that responses will NOT be tallied because it is not in my default calendar. Hence, I cannot keep track of the responses.

I tried to set the IMAP calendar to be my default but Outlook will only allow my personal POP account calendar to the default.

I have found multiple answers that say that IMAP cannot be the default. Therefore, I am asking the forum the following:

1) Can I set the IMPA to be my default calendar?
2) If I cannot, how do other people use Outlook for both a personal and business calendar without invitations being created in both calendars?


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Correct, imap can't be default when you use Outlook 2010 or older. Are you using the Google sync utility (available with the google apps account)? I don't think there is any good way to avoid duplicates when a utility is syncing two calendars, unless the utility is moving the appointments, not copying them.

Most people don't use google for business accounts - if they have an exchange account, it doesn't create copies of the appointment. If they use pop3 or other imap accounts, the appointments don't sync with anything.
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