Outlook 2013 Is it possible to sort emails by COUNT of "From" field?

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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You probably know that it is possible to group things like Emails together. For instance, grouping by the "From" field puts all mails from the same person into a collapsable entry that then indicates e.g. "Smith, John (5 entries)"

I use grouping (or sorting which is the same thing without the collapsibility) to rapid-clean my inbox. Things like adverts from one company will end up together so I can delete them in one go.

So what I would have liked is to see the "From" sections of the people with the most emails (e.g. 5 entries) at the top and those with the least count at the bottom. Is that even possible?

Sunny Poovathingal

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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 32 bit
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Is am new to writing VBA code , but am having a similar need as the member who started this post .
I would really really appreciate if anyone can help me with a VBA macro that can do the job of counting all emails by the sender's email address , within a particular Outlook folder
If the count of email from a particular sender is more than 1 , it should populate an excel sheet with the email adddress and the time of receipt of each mail from that sender