Adding Categories when Composing Email

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@Diane Poremsky wrote in her article "Sending Categories on Email Messages" at that the categories button is not available while composing a new mail and you need a VBA script to add one.

I just want to mention that that is not entirely correct, you can add categories it's just a little bit hidden (in the advanced email properties): it depends on the Outlook version but while composing an email press the small corner with the small arrow pointing right down at options or categories to open the properties window (sorry have no English version by hand). The last line has a category button with a text list.
Outlook 2013/365 has another way to open the properties window: click in the new message window at file and choose properties.

Here you can see some screenshots from other people opening the properties window in different Outlook versions (it always at the bottom of the window):

Thx Diane for your article, it helped me a lot!
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