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Michael C

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I am interested in sending a meeting confirmation (for a recurring meeting that was scheduled two weeks ago) to my attendees one hour prior to the start tomorrow's meeting (just that single meeting, and heck, why not throughout each series of the meeting.)

Anyhow, with One click (or macro) I would like to have that existing open and send a confirmation (Resend to all attendees) with all of the meeting details (attendees, location, date, time and most importantly, the details from the Body of the Original meeting) incorporated in a Confirmation (reminder/RESEND, which can even be in the form of an e-mail reminder, since I do not want a second calendar entry for the same meeting) to all attendees.

I am prepared to write a macro to either:

a) a sample macro , or
b) at least the Outlook name for the object/variable which references the BODY of the Calendar/Appoint even content (details) would be helpful.

Please assist,