Exchange - Locating a user that has log files but is not found using powershell

Ryan Poage

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Outlook 2010 64 bit
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Exchange Server 2013
Im running into an issue recovering the .Pst file for a former employee. I found her calendar log files however when I try locating her mailbox using powershell I get a message that there is no user found. The exchange database has not changed and the user was an active user. Any Ideas??

Exchange: 2013
Outlook: 2010

Diane Poremsky

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Unless you created a pst file for archiving, the mail was in an ost file - %localappdata%\microsoft\outlook if her windows account is still available. Otherwise everything is in the mailbox on the server - was her AD account deleted? That would remove the mailbox but it might be recoverable, especially if it was deleted recently.