VBA to change message format and add formatted signature

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Happy New Year!
Can I have a VBA script that will do the following -
· For Replies or Forward messages, (since I have it set up for New Messages), to change the format to Rich Text,
· then add a signature in Font size 8, and colour Green, which will read "Please consider the environment before you print".
I know there is this option under the Options, Signatures, New messages, Replies/forwards, however, I have selected (long story, but I am stuck with this setup) to receive all standard mail in plain text (option selected under Trust Centre). This results in needing to convert each reply and forward to Rich Text or HTML to make the formatting options active. Doing this for each message is very time-consuming, and I am hoping to have a macro recorded that will do the work for me.
Can you please assist?
Thank you

Diane Poremsky

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See http://www.slipstick.com/developer/always-reply-using-the-same-message-format/ for a macro that will reply in html then you can change your signature. But... I advise against changing formats for all but the most important messages where htmlk is need for formatting. Let it go as plain text if that is what the sender used. 10 to 1, they aren't going to care if your 'save the environment' tag line isn't green... plus, the html may be stripped by their email client and they'll get it in plain text anyway.