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This morning I saw my office computer was turned on and there was a note in my outgoing mails.
My Outlook mailprogram said:
"You have forwarded an email at 7:55".

Is there a way for me to find out where to, the person which stole my email, have sent it?
I would really like to know who forwarded my personal email.

Are there a feature in the program where i can see the reciever or anything?

I really hope one of you can help me.

Thank you!

Diane Poremsky

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If the person who forwarded it was given send as permission, their account name would be in Account field in the sent folder (add the account field to the view to see it) but if someone has your username and password, you'd have no way of knowing who did it.

Is there a chance you have a rule set up that forwards messages?
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