Outlook 2013 Where did my categorized emails go?


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I'm so lost with Outlook 2013 coming from Outlook 2007! :( First off, what happened to the little "category" box right above the time stamp where I could easily categorize my incoming emails?

Secondly, if I "do" categorize and email, they all go into a new folder called "categories." I need them to stay in my "inbox" for quick reference later the way 2007 was set up so I can simply see them all together mixed in with ALL my email.

I think when I was trying to find a way to get the little box of categories, I changed a setting somewhere because when i first set it up, all my emails stayed together: New, opened, and categorized. Hopefully someone can help, I'm at my wits end! :eek:o_O:mad::(


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The Quick Click box on the right? Microsoft removed it. You can right click and use the category menu or the Categorize button on the ribbon. There are some macros around here or on slipstick.com to create buttons for specific categories so you don't need to right click.

Are you using the Categories search folder? The messages would be moving into it, it's just a search folder. I'll bet you changed the View and it's sorting or grouping differently. Go to the View tab and Reset the view.