Outlook 2010 Outlook "can't find" my e-mail server to receive messages


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Well, I kind-of gave up on this problem for a while. But earlier this week I decided to take a closer look at the services the particular instance of svchost.exe was executing. There were five:
  • TermService, which runs the remote desktop services
  • NlaSvc, which runs network location awareness service
  • LanmanWorkstation, which runs "workstation" services
  • Dnscache, which holds the locations of the domain name servers, and
  • CryptSvc, which runs cryptographic services.
I decided to try stopping each one, since "ending" the svchost.exe process seemed to be resetting something.

I discovered that LanmanWorkstation couldn't be stopped and that CryptSvc was needed for a proper start-up of Windows.

Stopping TermService did nothing.

BUT! Stopping Dnscache has FIXED THE PROBLEM! Research on the web indicated that DNS locations are stored elsewhere, so this service is redundant. Since I stopped this service, I have had none of the problems I described above.