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Is it possible to recover deleted Outlook 2007 e-mail account files?

In my previous company, from which I retired in December 2014, I used the company e-mail service via the company server. When I wanted to add on that PC (laptop) my personal e-mail account provided by Rogers, Rogers advised me that I have to delete the ex company e-mail account first, before I configure Outlook 2007 for the Rogers service, which I did but without first archiving all my files!!! My mistake.

Is it possible to recover those lost files? I checked pst files on my PC, but there are no latest version, only previously archived (quite some time ago) files.

Thanks in advance

Diane Poremsky

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what type of email account was it? when did you delete it? you might be able to recover the account using system restore, if you have a restore point from before you deleted it from your profile. this assumes the data file wasnt deleted.