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Hi guys,

I have 2 questions regarding Tasks in Outlook:

1. Under the to-do list view in Tasks tab, is there a way to filter the list by Flagged Emails vs. DIY-input tasks filed under various Task folders?

2. What is the recommended workflow for tracking a task to completion?

a. The current problem I face is a duplicate of tasks/emails that are flagged up. Some are trivial emails that require an email reply, some require a full written paper to go along with the email, and DIY-input tasks that are semi-dependent on the flagged emails.

b. Is there any better way of organization other than using Categories/Folders? For example, can I nest flagged emails under a DIY-input task, and also for the flagged email to be updated with the latest message as and when it comes?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Diane Poremsky

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1. Yes. You can filter by message class - message class contains ipm.task will get you only tasks in the list.

The recommended way is to use as few folders as possible. in your work scenario, i would flag trivial things and drag messages that require a more complicated task to the task folder. This will create a task containing the message. This eliminates both a flagged message and the task.

No, you can't nest messages under tasks but you could drag messages to tasks to add them to the task form for easy access.
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