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Outlook 2010 32 bit
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Hi, newbie from Germany - so please be patient if something sounds weird... ;)

After setting up my system after an trojan attack I have a huge problem with my contacts in OL 2010 under WIN7.

I work with three pst. files. Two email accounts working fine but there is no calender/contact folder which I use. The problem is with an old pst (97-2002), which Im working with for quite a long time now (about 1700 contacts) - its around 875mb and it worked fine on the same system/software config before.

When im opening my contacts all 1700 entries are shown, names, address, phone no, body and registration dates are shown, but NO emails and NO categories :( .
But my complete system is organized by these categories.
Looking into the MAPI properties (via PST Walker) of these contacts I find emails and categories still listed, but not on the correct position.

Is there any tool to fix this? Or maybe it might be possible to extract the needed information via an VBA macro to transform into a new and clean pst (Im not into VBA !) ?

any help or idea is highly appreciated !

Not open for further replies.