IMAP Subfolders missing after migrating to new server

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A client of mine recently upgraded their hosting with Bluehost (BH), but inside one of the IMAP email accounts (Outlook 2010) there were two custom folders (with appx 50 subfolders) full of critical emails.

After the migration to the new server all of the subfolders and messages disappeared. BH Support checked the backup taken two weeks prior to the migration and states that the two custom folders are empty.

I don't know much about Outlook, but it sounds like the subfolders may not have been set up to be synced, so when Outlook synced to the "new" server, it erased anything not on the "new" server. But the part I don't understand about this idea is how the subfolders would have also been visible on an Android device if they were not synced.

Note: this is not an Exchange Server

Is it possible that the folders are still available, but not visible?

I read a similar thread where they might be able to recover these from the .pst file. If so, what is the simplest way to do so? I don't think they have a recent backup of the .pst file.

Should they start with making a copy of the .pst file? They really can't afford to screw this up, but they desperately need to recover these messages.
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