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Jeff Bartlett

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I use an office 365 for my mail server, to which, my Outlook 2016 downloads (with all the exchange whiz bangs). My current email address although, is still my isp one that I have had for years. I forward all mail from the isp account immediately to my office 365 account. Of course, I also have the office 365 email address that I never quote or use to send emails. I have set up outlook 16 with the exchange account and isp account, the exchange account is receive only, the isp account send only. I have set up the reg edit to force select an email address when I am sending a new email (the isp account) Of course, office 365 puts the "on behalf of" in the message, but the reply email address is the isp account.

When I reply to an email, the default office 365 address is chosen automatically for the from address, although, the From button does have a drop down, to select the isp account. Again, the reply goes out via the isp account but the "on behalf of" is again used. I don't have too much of a problem remembering to select the isp account as the reply From address, but my wife, same setup, sometimes does. She likes that she has to chose the isp email address as the From address, but sometimes forgets with reply email.

Is there a similar reg edit that like the forceselectaccount for new emails, will do the same force for reply emails?

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