Export Organizational Forms Library

Kim Vaughn

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Exchange Server 2013
We are in the final steps of migrating from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013. We don't use public folders but we do have an organizational forms library, which is stored in Public Folders. I am looking for the easiest way to get these forms over to Exchange 2013.

My thoughts were to create a new public folder mailbox in 2013 and then export the forms from 2007, to import into 2013. But I am not sure on how to export the forms. Would you all recommend a different path? Can I export the forms, maybe through powershell? I am just not finding much information out there on the org forms.

Thank you, in advance!


Diane Poremsky

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I would save them as FRM files from the Manage forms dialog them import them on the new server. In Outlook, go to File, Options, Advanced, Custom forms, Manage forms. Select a form, click Save as. Repeat for each form. Repeat the process to import, choosing Install instead.