highlighted dates in Yearly View for Outlook 2010

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Hi guys,

I managed to see the yearly view using the instructions here:
How to View a Yearly Calendar

However, there are some issues.

1. Sometimes, it does not bold the dates where there are events happening on those dates. How do I restore that function?
Example here:

2. I have different categories so that I can filter through them when I use yearly view. Is there any way that I can see these colors (rather than just a bold number) in the yearly view?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Diane Poremsky

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On 2 - no. It's just bold on or off.
On 1 - it only bolds appointments marked busy (tentative or oof too) but not ones marked Free, and not all day events. It should do 10 months ahead and 2 months back -
Tip 121: Bolded Dates - Outlook Tips
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