windows mobile 10 calendar not syncing

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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I just "upgraded" the lumia 925 from 8.1 to 10.
the calendar won't sync to calendar (which syncs to desktop outlook calendar). there was no problem when using 8.1. account seems to be in the phone. all days in calendar are blank. A web search has revealed nothing about this problem.

there doesn't seem to be a way to manually force a calendar sync.

(btw: the outlook mail app on the phone doesn't work either. it is needs to sync with Fastmail, a 3rd party provider. It goes through the motions, then says that it "didn't find anything to show here". I have written Fastmail for this part of the problem with Windows Mobile).

Is there any way to get the calendar working? Or is Outlook a known non functioning part of Windows Mobile?
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