Extracting cell data from table

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mike w

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Hi, New here
I'm using outlook 2003

Have a a single table in a email body, it has 2 columns and 9 rows (see below):
It is the results from a email enquiry and it is a table with <td>'s etc.
I would like to extract the data from the <td's>. The Name, Telephone, Date, etc
this is what i have so far, but it is extracting the complete rows.
sText = oMail.Body
vText = Split(sText, Chr(13))
For i = UBound(vText) To 0 Step -1
If InStr(1, vText(i), "Full-name:") Then
strGBP = vText(i + 0)
Exit For
End If
Next i

Any help you be appreciated, even if it mean a different approach. The <td> cells don't have id's

Full-name: john doe
Email: mjohn@yahoo.co.uk
Venue: white house
Telephone: 12345678
Date: Fri, 29 January 2016
Service: phones

Michael Bauer

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After the row with "full-name" is found, again use Instr in that row to find the next <td> and </td>. The text between both is the value you're looking for.
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