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In Advanced Find windows, I use the "In Folder" column to show the folder in which emials are located, but have more than one folder with the same name, so it doesn't help me pin it down. I know I can individually open an email and use ctrl+shift+F for another Advanced Find window that will show the containing folder, but that's really clumsy. Is there a form or add-in that will add a column to show the Full Folder Path for all the found files? (I'm thinking analogously to the cfg form code I found online that adds a senders true email address to the email list window). I've found online queries asking for this, but no answers yet. I'm using Outlook 2003, but would be willing to upgrade for this functionality. TY.

Diane Poremsky

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No, no form. There is a VBA macro that will get the path and take you to the folder - Get the Message Folder - VBOffice - it could be tweaked to add the folder path to a custom field (or one of the user fields although its not very useful in a search).